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Our Process

The Three Step Process

JNC Incorporated is ready to fulfill your specific project’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a few helpful tips or need an experienced professional to fully manage a project — we’ve got the tools and experience to guarantee success. Browse through our services below, and get in touch for an estimate today.

Pre-construction Phase

The pre-construction phase of development is essential when planning any new project. JNC, Inc. pre-construction services are intended to assist our clients with making the most cost-effective decisions from conception to completion. Our expertise and services include:
• Investigation into all alternative materials that may significantly reduce cost or improve the value of design.
• Suggesting operating systems that require minimal maintenance and reduce cost.
• Considering all alternative methods of construction that can significantly improve the quality and overall value of the project.



Construction Management

JNC, Inc. consists of an exceptional team of skilled craftsmen who work with our clients to accomplish a common goal and realize their vision. Our clients are included in the management process to ensure that our team members remain efficient and on budget. We employ full-time project managers who act as a liaison between our clients and the actual construction process. Our field offices are equipped to maintain communication and real time reporting. This ensures that our relationships with our clients continues to grow and all projects progress smoothly.

Construction Team

The advantage of our team approach is that the relationship between JNC Inc, and our clients continues to grow throughout the length of the project. Our client’s projects are not only managed by us, they are built by us. Our new construction, remodeling, home additions and renovations are all done within the JNC, Inc, family. This ensures that projects run smoothly and efficiently throughout the entire process, with no scheduling conflicts and on-time completion.

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